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We have tried to anticpate some of the questions you might have at this time and answer them below.  Please let us know if you need any other information. 

What happens to the funds we have already paid to Camp?
Families can choose to convert their tuition fees already paid to a donation to Camp Wright, or receive a refund. We thank you for your understanding, generosity and patience as we work through this process. If you choose to donate, you will receive a written confirmation of your tax deductible gift. 


How can we let you know what we decide and how long will it take to receive a refund? 

Please fill out the form here. Receiving this form is essential for us. We will work on requests as they are received and hope to complete the entire process by June 30th.


What if my camper received a scholarship for 2020? 

Camp Wright will return only funds paid by the camper family.  Scholarship applications will be available again for the 2021 season. If you were receiving a scholarship from an outside organization, you can coordinate a future scholarship with them directly. 


Can you hold my spot for next summer? 

No, at this point in time, we cannot offer a rollover to the 2021 season.  Registration for Summer 2021 will be available late November, 2020, mark your calendars! 


My camper is 14, they were going to graduate this summer, will they have that opportunity? 

We understand that the senior ceremony is very important to our oldest traditional campers.  As we plan future events and the 2021 season, we are actively planning to include additional opportunities for our campers who would have graduated in 2020.  If campers cannot participate in one of these programs, we will send a rope bracelet and instructions to you at your request. 


What about summer staff? 

Anyone already hired for the summer of 2020 will have a position available for them in 2021. There will be a short re-application form posted in the winter to acknowledge continued availability and position preferences. 


If you were waiting to hear back about a position for this summer but have not received a contract, you will need to reapply for next season. You will not need any additional references for 2021.


Governor Hogan opened Day Camps for the summer during his press conference on May 27th, does this mean Camp Wright will be open? 
No, We saw the State of Maryland's announcements regarding the opening of Day Camps for this summer.  We are processing the information and do not currently have plans to open our day camp program for 2020. Our concerns for the safety of our participants and staff as well as the success of our program under the suggested guidelines remain. If and when we are able to offer programs this summer, we want them to be the same high quality experience you have come to expect from Camp Wright. We will stay up to date with all health and safety guidelines and let you know when we are able to offer programming again. 

Will there be any programs at Camp Wright this summer? 

Our staff is monitoring the situation with Covid-19 and following government guidance in regard to group gatherings. We are hopeful  that we will be able to offer some sort of in-person programming at Camp Wright this summer, but there are no firm plans in place about what type of program or when. Stay connected with us on social media or sign up for our email list to stay up to date! 


What about Circle of Friends Weekend? 

As of the publication of this list, we have not cancelled our annual Circle of Friends Weekend or Camp Wright's 90th Anniversary, originally scheduled for July 25th.  We will make a final decision  about Circle of Friends and the 90th celebration closer to the date of the event. 


Will fall retreat programs still be held?

At this point in time, we are planning on holding our fall retreats and programs as planned.  If you have booked Camp Wright for an event this fall and would like specific information, or to reschedule, please reach out to Cara. 


Quarantine is HARD, I really need some Camp Wright time, is it ok to come visit? 

YES! We would love for you to have some time here to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate during these long days of quarantine, but please don't come without an appointment.  To schedule a time to visit, please get in touch with Julia directly.


Will Camp Wright be ok financially? Is Camp Wright at risk with all this lost income? 

Camp Wright will be ok! But it is going to be a difficult time.  We have 90 years of loving supporters, campers, alumni and friends. The Camp Wright Committee, our Bishop, and our Camp Director have been working hard to cut costs, find community, foundation and other support, and even create other income streams. While the financial impact of Covid-19 on Camp Wright is real, rest assured that we are all focused on a bright future of happy, healthy, summer camping here on the Chesapeake Bay.


What can we do to support CW right now? 

Pray for us! Not everyone can donate, or visit CW, but everyone can pray. You can pray alone, with others, with words, with art or by finding quiet time with Jesus to be thankful! 


Stay in touch! We are posting daily moments from Camp Wright around rest hour time every afternoon, on our social media channels, find us on Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation.  If you have a great picture or memory of Camp Wright you'd like us to share, tag us and we might feature you on our feed. 


Connect with others who love Camp Wright! Call a camp friend, wear your favorite CW shirt, write a letter to an old bunkmate. Spend time talking about camp and enjoying our favorite memories of camp together even though we are apart  and  the next time that we are together at Camp Wright will be even more special. 


Make a donation to Camp Wright here. No donation is too small. Making a financial donation to Camp Wright now will help us cover our operating costs and continue to make improvements to the property and continue work on important projects during the next year.  We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we received on Giving Tuesday Now, and the support of our camp families, alumni, and friends is making a real difference for us in real time. 


Do you have other questions? 

Our staff is here to help, feel free to call us in the office (leave a message if we are out and about) or send us an email. Thank you for your support and we will see you soon! 

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