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Q:        What if my family is not Episcopalian?

A:        We welcome campers from all faiths and backgrounds.

Q:        What should my camper bring to camp?

A:        A complete packing list for Day Camp is available here, Resident Camp packing list is here.  Please remember to LABEL EVERYTHING your child brings to camp. Cell Phones and other electronics are not permitted.  Camp Wright cannot be responsible for damage to electronic devices (plus, we don't have many good spots to charge them!) 

Q:        What are the hours of camp? 

​A:        Day Camp runs from 9 am - 4 pm.  

 Resident Camp Drop off is 10:30 am. Families should plan on being at camp for an hour to check-in campers.  Check-out begins at 9:30 am. 

Q:        What is served during meals at resident camp?

A:        We offer three meals a day. Our entrees are wholesome and kid friendly; a salad bar is offered at lunch and dinner, cereal, fresh fruit & yogurt options are available at breakfast. We are a nut free facility, so no peanuts, tree nuts or other nuts are used in our kitchen.  When possible, we use local produce. Two snacks are offered each day. Our staff encourages campers to drink water throughout the day.  Fresh fruit is always available in case of a midday snack attack! 

​Q:        How can I send email or view photos of the session?

A:        Photos and camper emails are available through CampMinder.

​Q:        Where should I send mail?

A:        Mail can be sent to: Camper Name, Cabin Name, c/o Camp Wright, 400 Camp Wright  Lane, Stevensville, MD 21666.

            Mail can also be dropped off on the first day of camp during check in. ​

Q:        It is the first time my child has ever spent the night away. How do you handle homesickness?

A:        Our staff is trained in many techniques to handle homesickness and maximize a camper's ability to cope with emotional challenges. We are supportive and respectful of all of our campers' needs. When necessary, we reach out to families to send some extra         encouraging words and support to their camper experiencing homesickness.  The best thing for a child as they have their first away from home experience is confidence, excitement and support.  This link contains great information for getting children ready for camp and combating homesickness

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