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Camp Wright is licensed as a youth camp by the State of Maryland.  We are accredited by the American Camp Association and our staff participates in ongoing professional development. Each member of our program staff is certified in First Aid, CPR and AED by the American Red Cross. Camp Wright is a voluntary participant in ARC's Aquatic Examiner Service and continually reviews training, policies and procedures for our pool, lifeguards, and facility.  All lifeguards hold current certification from ARC and participate in in-service training throughout the season.

At Camp Wright safety is our number one priority. During all camp sessions, camper health care is supervised by an RN. During resident camp sessions, an RN, EMT or MD is on site 24 hours a day. Our Wellness Center has standing orders from a physician that cover care for most ailments. The camp nurse or camp staff can provide certain over the counter medications, first aid, sunscreen, bandaids, drinks of water, and even TLC when necessary. Prescription medications are administered by trained staff as ordered by the camper's physician. 


Please talk to your child about their health while at camp and encourage them to talk to their counselors or the camp nurse when necessary.

In addition to medical care, our camp nurse is in charge of daily cabin inspections and awarding the Golden Broom each week of Resident Camp. This daily inspection helps promote good health and community building by keeping things tidy.

Prevention is key. Campers in all of our programs are encouraged to use the "triple threat" of water, sunscreen and bug spray to keep themselves healthy while having fun outdoors. Campers are expected to apply their own sunscreen & bug spray with the support and supervision of counselors. 

Food Dietary Needs, and Food Allergies

Camp Wright provides three meals and two snacks a day at Resident Camp.  At Day Camp, campers provide their own lunches and CW provides the afternoon snack.  We are a nut free facility and ask all food items sent to camp in lunches, or in care packages are also nut free.  Our dining hall provides a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, kid-friendly entrees and nourishing alternatives for the less adventurous eaters.  Water is provided at all meals, milk is served at breakfast and sports drink is provided when it is particularly hot.  If your camper has a food allergy, please include that information on the health form and reach out to our director with any questions or concerns.  Many common food allergies can be accommodated by our kitchen, some families of campers with particularly severe or wide reaching allergies provide additional food for their camper to eat.  We are not a gluten free facility. 

Illness At Camp

In the unfortunate event that your child becomes ill at camp, you will be contacted.  Arrangements will be made for Day Campers experiencing illness to go home. In overnight camp, our camp nurse will monitor the child's illness and communicate with parents to make a care plan.  We have local health care options in the event a child needs to be evaluated by a physician.  If a child is unable to return participate in the camp program for a prolonged period of time, arrangements will be made for that camper to go home. 

Urgent Care

If a child requires urgent or emergent medical care, arrangements will be made and parents will be contacted. Camp staff will accompany campers to care facilities. Camp Wright is served by two different Fire Departments and EMS Stations with a response time of <5 minutes that can provide emergent care and transport to local hospitals. There is an Emergency Room in Queenstown, about 15 minutes away, and Anne Arundel Medical Center,  about 20 minutes from Camp Wright.  The Nurse and Camp Director will make arrangements and provide communication with home in the event of a need for urgent care. 

Camper Behavior

Campers are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects our mission and goals.  Behavior deemed dangerous, inappropriate, unmanagable or non conducive to our program will result in dismissal from camp. 

Special Needs


Parents of campers with special needs should contact our office in order to ensure a safe and fun camp experience. We strive to provide an environment where all children can participate fully in the camp experience, and we work closely with families to provide accommodations for children with special needs. Due to our staffing structure and rustic facilities, not all special needs can be accommodated. Please call to schedule a camp tour and information session to see if Camp Wright might be a good fit for your camper.

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